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Since 1999 KEA European Affairs has been advising territories, organisations and people to unlock the potential of cultural and creative industries

KEA European Affairs is an international policy design research center specialised in culture and creative industry as well as sport. Since 1999, KEA has been a pioneer in the field of culture and creative industry policy. Based in Brussels, KEA’s mission is to provide policy advice to make territories, organisations and people more aware of their cultural and creative resources, to unlock the potential of culture including heritage for economic and social development.

KEA has consolidated its brand and reputation over the years as a result of a proven track-record of successfully concluded assignments and studies throughout the EU and in third countries (Albania, Georgia, China, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, South Africa and Caribbean). KEA is expert to the European Commission, European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Investment Fund and World Intellectual Property Organisation. Over the years KEA developed and managed successfully projects in the context of: Creative Europe, H2020, Interreg, DEVCO and External Actions.

We wish to promote authenticity, originality, singularity and diversity. Our relevance lies in promoting culture-based creativity and in mainstreaming cultural consideration to irrigate policy fields.

Our service is based on the credibility of our research, on our reputation, and on expertise. Our ambition is to create an environment in which the diverse skills and the creativity of our team can flourish. We believe that honesty, frankness, recognition and trust are essential values which will ensure the development of our company, our team and our partners.

Our areas of specialisation include:

▪ Culture and creative industries
▪ Audiovisual policies
▪ EU law: Competition, Intellectual Property
▪ Education, youth and sport
▪ Linguistic and cultural diversity
▪ International trade and cooperation
▪ Cultural diplomacy
▪ Regional development
▪ Creative entrepreneurship