Strategy consulting


Based on sound research and analysis KEA provides strategy advice and strategic planning services.

We have unequalled insights into policy developments and regulatory trends in Europe. This is coupled with a profound understanding of industry evolutions in the sectors we specialise in, the emergence of new (often digital) business models, and knowledge of international best practices.

Policy Strategy:  support agencies, creative clusters and public institutions to develop strategies to unlock the potential of culture and creative industries.

Corporate Strategy: developing business plans and feasibility studies for specific projects. This includes assessing and establishing partnerships and alliances as well as the design of new services. It also includes advising on financing opportunities.

Operational and organisational improvement: analysing operational challenges and evaluating management structures, organisational objectives and change processes.

International comparative analysis: comparative analysis of trends in various countries, coupled with assessing and evaluating benchmarking results.

Concrete examples:

– Strategic diagnostic of cultural and creative industries in Lille Métropole

Diagnostic carried out for Lille Métropole. Main tasks include: statistical mapping of CCIs in Lille Métropole, SWOT analysis of the CCIs and their value chains in Lille Métropole, benchmarking analysis of inter-cluster practices, European comparison of support measures to CCIs and policy recommendations, strategic advice to better position Lille Métropole and its CCIs, nationally and internationally.

– Development of a corporate and strategic plan for the MFG – Film fund Baden-Württemberg

Researching best-practice examples and conducting interviews on the strategies used by other film funds across Europe. Managing an internal workshop and conducting interviews with the MFG team, in order to elaborate a realistic and comprehensive plan. The two-year corporate plan, which also includes performance indicators, has been used as strategic management and communication tool by MFG.

– Feasibility study on building an international internet marketplace for audiovisual professionals

The main aim of the study was to link willing buyers and sellers of audiovisual content, as well as to assess the business model of the platform, its relevance for the sector at European level as well as the interest it might raise for right holders. The mission also mapped the existing situation in this field and the VOD market in France, the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain.