KEA Connecting public affairs and creativity to help you set up memorable experiences and events.

KEA specializes in the organization of events and conferences across Europe, with a particular emphasis on the entertainment, sport and cultural sectors, but not exclusively so.

Events – in our perspective – should stand out in order to have a long-lasting impact. It is about sharing views and being surprised, entertained, stimulated intellectually and emotionally with a view to engage your audience and to create trusting relationships. We propose to help you connect with your audience in a more significant way.

With 16 years experience working with EU institutions, we combine a deep strategic understanding of public affairs, a large network of contacts, and a wealth of creative ideas to deliver memorable social events, including classic workshops, seminars, cocktails and conferences.

For more information on organised events and conferences:

Selection of Events organised

KEA Events contact : Allison Reekie (+32 2 289 26 05)

KEA’s role in assisting in event building and management can be broken down into:

Consultancy and planning Conception of the event, strategy, programme building, communication and coordination.

Event management Practical, logistical,administrative aspects and onsite management and coordination.

Our team will accompany you from the development stage throughout the event preparation and implementation. Each event is tailor-made to client requirements.

In 2017

KEA organised b.creative – the global event for creative entrepreneurship – held in Shanghai in the context of the High Level People to People (HPPD) Summit between the European Union and China. The conference, focused on ‘Creative entrepreneurship and urban challenges’, was organised in the scope of the EU co-funded project Creative Tracks, supporting young creative entrepreneurs worldwide and encouraging cross-cultural collaborations.
For the organisation of the event, KEA partnered with The Creative Industries Culture Expertise Centre of KEDGE Business School and with Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).

KEA set-up and organised the b.creative challenge. The competition focuses on interdisciplinary and international collaborations between professionals in creative fields like: visual arts, advertising, architecture, crafts, design, fashion, film and video, gastronomy, publishing, radio and television, computer games, performing arts, with the aim to explore the potential of arts and creative entrepreneurship in fostering social and economic innovation. The award was presented in Shanghai at the b.creative conference by Commissioner Navracsics to the winner LATRA for their Fieldmakers project.

In 2016

KEA organised the first b.creative conference in Namur in the scope of the EU co-funded project Creative Tracks, supporting young creative entrepreneurs worldwide and encouraging cross-cultural collaborations. b.creative – the global event for creative entrepreneurship – facilitated the convergence of various artistic and creative competences, technical, scientificand entrepreneurial skills in order to generate social and economic innovation. The event aimed to influence policy makers and involve citizens to ensure that creative ideas permeate societal development.After two enticing days 40 speakers and more than 200 participants from 50 countries of 4 continents exchanged ideas, experiences and fueled debates about creative entrepreneurship.

In 2015

KEA organised the “Shenzhen: Pioneering China’s Future” event at the European Parliament on 1st July 2015. Representatives from the city of Shenzhen presented the city and networking opportunities to EU officials, MEPs and organisations focussed on creative cities and clusters – over 200 people attended.

KEA assisted with the organisation of an event in Brussels for the Tuscany Region on “the Via Francigena: a European Path” in February 2015 attended by over 170 people.

In 2014

KEA assisted with the organisation of the Italian EU Presidency/Italian Regions Coordination conference on Creativity and Innovation as Motors for Economic Growth: the Role of Culture and Territories (to be held on Nov 19, 2014).

KEA organised with the Chinese Shenzhen Creative Culture Centre in association with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network an exhibition in Brussels at MAD in Situ from 10-30 October 2014 : Recovery:The Power of Design. An exhibition featuring the work of young designers participating in the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents (SZ-DAY). KEA also organised the vernissage.

KEA assisted Ravenna2019 to organise the conference “Switch On European Creative Capacity Building” held in Ravenna on 19/20 September 2014.

In 2013

KEA assisted the Shenzhen International Creative Industries Fair, China to run a European based office to promote the Fair and gather a delegation of European designers to accompany to Shenzhen.

KEA organized the final conference of the EU-funded Creative Clash programme in Brussels