Culture and Territories


Benchmark studies and reports:

– 2016 European Cultural Institutes Abroad – research for the European Parliament’s Culture Committee

– 2015 Development of a Regional Export Strategy for the Creative Industries Services, VALUE CHAIN ANALYSES
FINAL REPORT (for Cariforum CIs)

– 2015 How to improve data collection and analysis in the Cultural and Creative Sectors – for the European Commission

2015 Feasibility study exploring different possible modus operandi for making available a package of European films, for the European Commission, DG CONNECT

-2015 November The Blue Book of Culture and Technology (2015) China (Chinese language version) – chapter 15 paper by Philippe Kern and Li Leilei on Converging Arts,Culture and Technologies, Chapter 25 Chinese version of the Smart Guide on Creative Spill-overs available to purchase here

– 2015 Culture for Cities and Regions project – 70 case studies on practices related to cultural heritage, culture and creative industries, culture for social inclusion, social innovation and intercultural dialogue. Reports of the study visits.

– 2015 Connecting Arts and Business – Realising the Potential for Creative Partnerships – Conclusions of the final conference April 2015

– 2015 Council of Europe experts report, ART AND CULTURE, AN INVESTMENT FOR SERBIA’S FUTURE, rapporteur Philippe Kern

– 2015 Smart Guide on Creative Spill-overs

– 2014 Creating, Innovating, Disrupting through Arts and Business organisations

– 2014 Culture in EU External Relations – Full Report, Executive Summaries, Country Report Brazil, China, Russia

– 2013 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=19 linktext=’Trade in Creative and Cultural Goods and Services in the context of EU-South Africa Development of Creative Industries in South Africa’ /]

– 2013 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=20 linktext=’Study for Creative Clash March 2013 – Support Schemes for artistic interventions in Europe – a mapping and recommendations’ /]

– 2013 Training artists for Innovation, Competencies for new contexts – Book April 2013 – Chapter 2 on Training Artists for Innovation – Why, What, How? Policy recommendations by KEA. Download here

– 2013 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=14 linktext=’CULTURAL POLICY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION REVIEW’ /]

– 2012 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=1 linktext=’Use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects, European Parliament, Committee on Culture and Education’ /]

– 2012 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=2 linktext=’Measuring economic impact of CCIs policies – How to justify investment in cultural and creative assets – containing benchmarking raster, CREA.RE, EU Interreg project’ /]

– 2012 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=3 linktext=’Creative SpIN, Creative Spillovers for Innovation, Thematic Network baseline study, URBACT II Regional Policy’ /]

– 2011 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=4 linktext=’Implementing the Cultural Provisions of CARIFORUM-EU EPA ,European Centre for Development Policy Management’ /]

– 2011 Tillt Europe – Creative Clash – Artistic Interventions to stimulate innovation, sustainability and inclusiveness (policy recommendations)

– 2011 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=5 linktext=’Mapping the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU and China, IPR2, China Ministry of  Commerce, European Commission (chinese version)’ /]

– 2011 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=6 linktext=’Culture and Creative Industries, “IP Licensing as a strategic business tool for EU and China CCIs, IPR2 Programme’ /]

– 2010 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=13 linktext=’Business Innovation Support Services for Creative Industries, European Commission’ /]

– 2010 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=7 linktext=’Analysis of the financing needs, best practices and opportunities for the creative sector in Europe , ECCE Innovation, Nantes Métropole’ /]

– 2009 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=8 linktext=’Impact of Culture on Creativity, European Commission’ /]

– 2009 [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=9 linktext=’ Development of an innovation voucher scheme to stimulate creativity in UK SMEs, NESTA, UK’ /]

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