Sport and culture are the expression of shared passions, identities and emotions. Both are sectors which combine strong economic and social dimensions and postulate for a specific treatment which takes into consideration their specificities and social values.

With the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty the EU is empowered to adopt a sport policy that should take into account the specific nature of sport.

KEA aims to inform sport stakeholders about the impact of EU regulation and decisions on their activities with a view to help them formulate a EU public affairs strategy.

KEA offers legal expertise in media rights management and its capacity to conduct international research on sport issues. It helps sport organisations access EU funding and raise their profile in Brussels.

Latest references:


A mapping of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) in Europe (for DG EAC, July 2016)

Full report in English

Study on the Specificity of Sport (DGEAC, 2016 with Ecorys and Sport and Citizenship)

Executive summary English Full Study English

Study on the economic and legal aspects of the transfer of players for the European Commission (2012)
Executive Summary English – Synthèse (Français) – Full Study English

Match-fixing in Europe – a mapping of criminal law provisions in EU 27 (2012)

Study on sports agents in Europe for the European Commission (2009)

Monitoring and advice on media rights to one of the largest European sport federations.

KEA has a special partnership with Sport & Citoyenneté

Sport et Citoyenneté is the first European think tank in the field of sport. It is a forum for new thinking and lobbying which aims as putting forward the core values of sport in society, in the realm of politics, economics and media issues