Funding programme: Horizon 2020
Lead partner: Universiteit van Amsterdam
Overall value: €3 million
Creative Industries Cultural Economy pROduction NEtwork (CICERONE) provides policymakers with a unique and innovative perspective from which to understand the cultural and creative industries Applying the Global Production Network approach, CICERONE innovates by exploring the flows of products and ideas that generate the economic and cultural values in and of places, and which also account for the disparities between them. CICERONE will translate this new research into a stakeholder network, and an observatory, whose designs are reflective of the network approach.


Funding programme: Horizon 2020
Lead partner: University of Leuven
Overall value: €3 million
ILUCIDARE aims to make heritage-led innovation and diplomacy in Europe an example for sustainable development and international cooperation through a diversity of collaborative actions to reinforce mutual understanding and dialogue. The project will produce participatory research and co-creation activities, capacity building activities, outreach events as well as international competitions to mobilise a large network of stakeholders in Europe, Western Balkans, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. ILUCIDARE’s activities are geared towards the establishment of an international community promoting cultural heritage innovation and diplomacy.
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Capacity building programme-CCS-GF_invitation

Client: European Investment Fund
Lead partner: Deloitte Luxembourg
Overall value: confidential
The CCS Guarantee Facility is a €250 million guarantee fund launched in June 2016 in the context of the Creative Europe programme. The Facility is managed by the EIF on behalf of the European Commission. It is designed to strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors by providing guarantees to participating financial intermediaries. The facility is expected to create more than €600 million in loans and other financial products. Selected by the EIF, KEA European Affairs partnered with Deloitte Digital to provide the scheme operating under the Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility.
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Funding programme: Creative Europe
Lead partner: La Monnaie / De Munt
Overall value: €4 million
Orfeo & Majnun is an inclusive, intercultural and multilingual music theatre project. The myth of Orfeo and Eurydice, blended with the Bedouin love story of Layla and Majnun, is the starting point of a multi-facetted artistic workshop process with citizens, professional artists and amateurs resulting in a street parade and a stage performance.
KEA has been commissioned to conduct the evaluation of the project’s community practices in cultural activities. The evaluation will support the production of strategies and recommendations to implement similar activities involving intercultural and multidisciplinary elements.
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b.creative – the global network for creative entrepreneurship is the largest international network of creative entrepreneurs. It connects 2500 creative and cultural operators worldwide including 305 creative spaces in 100 countries. It gathers entrepreneurs across all sectors of arts, culture and creative/digital industries, 85% of them working cross-sectorially. KEA set up the b.creative network in the context of Creative Tracks, a EU co-funded project aimed at connecting cultural operators all over the world. Now b.creative is a self-standing networks which continues growing.
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Funding programme: Horizon 2020
Lead partner: ECSITE
Overall value: €3 million
Sparks is an awareness-raising programme that aims to familiarise and engage European citizens with the concept and practice of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) through the topic of technology shifts in health and medicine.
KEA developed the winning bid, brought together the members of the consortium of which it is also part and leads Sparks communication activities at EU level. KEA also coordinates the collection and analysis from the different activities developed within the project.
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Funding programme: Creative Europe
Lead partner: EUROCITIES
Overall value: €1 million
The project aimed to take stock of existing cultural management practices in cities and regions all over Europe, to exchange and promote transfer of knowledge, to better understand successful cases of cultural investment and to go into the details of policy planning and implementation.
KEA was the scientific coordinator of the project, managing the methodology of the study visits and coaching sessions. We coordinated 15 thematic study visits in 10 regions and contributed to the drafting of 71 case studies across Europe, available here. KEA was also responsible for the communication activities.
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Co-funding programme: Creative Europe
Lead partner: Inova+
Initial budget: €1 million
Creative Tracks aimed at connecting young creative professionals worldwide, encouraging cross-innovation projects and facilitating collaboration with cultural and creative industries.
KEA was responsible for the mapping and analysis of creative networks across the world. As a result, more than 1200 networks have been involved so far. KEA also coordinated the Creative Tracks communication. As part of the communication activities, KEA organised two international conferences: b.creative – the global event for creative entrepreneurship to mark the official project launch in November 2016 and closure in November 2017.
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Funding programme: EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework
Lead partner: UK Design Council
Overall value: €2.8 million
Design for Europe’ (2013) aimed to accelerate design-driven innovation in order to boost growth and job creation across the EU.
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Funding programme: EU Culture
Lead partner: Cultuur Ondernemen
Overall value: €398.885
‘Connecting Arts and Business’ (2013) aimed to promote culture as a catalyst for creativity to foster growth and employment in Europe. KEA completed a typology as well as an inventory of Arts & Business initiatives in 12 European countries and elaborated a policy paper to show the value added of Arts & Business initiatives, including recommendations to foster them in Europe.
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Funding programme: URBACT
Lead partner: Birmingham City Council
Overall value: €924.500
‘Creative SpIN – Creative Spillovers for Innovation’ (2012-2014) was a project with a view to create a thematic network across Europe which would address the challenges of how best to connect cultural and creative industries with other sectors to stimulate a “spill over” effect.
As lead expert, KEA provided assistance to design actions featuring innovative formats and to prepare thematic reports, a practical toolkit to stimulate spillovers etc.
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Funding programme: FP7 Coordination Support Action
Lead partner: ECSITE
Overall value: €2 million
‘KiiCS – Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science (2011-2014) had the purpose to bring science closer to society by building bridges between arts, science and technology. A series of incubation modules associating science, technology with the creative sectors were created in 9 European cities.
KEA was commissioned to write the proposal and acted as communication leader in the project.


Funding: European Commission (DG Enterprise)
Lead partner: City of Amsterdam
‘ECIA – European Creative Industries Alliance’ (2011) established a policy platform to increase the impact of the Creative Industries and to improve understanding on the contribution of creative industries to the Innovation Union and Europe’s 2020 strategy.
KEA brought together the members of the consortium, prepared and developed the winning bid.
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Funding programme: EU Culture
Lead partner: Tillt
Overall value: €370.987
‘Creative Clash’ (2011-2013) had the mission to foster and boost the role of art in society, by supporting the producers of Artistic Interventions in organisations, as well as the trainers for artists willing to contribute to artistic interventions.
KEA mapped the relevant support tools, initiatives and organisations existing in Europe for artistic interventions and led the communication activities.
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Funding Programme: EU Culture
Lead partner: Cultuur Ondernemen
Overall value: €30.700
‘TAFI – Training Artists for Innovation’ (2011-2013) examined the stimulation of innovation and creativity in European businesses through the intervention of artists and creatives.
KEA made recommendations which were published here.


Funding source: sponsoring
Producer: Art of the World Europa
Funds raised: €1.5 million
KEA was the executive producer of ‘Stories on Human Rights’ (2011), a film created on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights on 10 December 2008.
KEA coordinated the fund raising and the communication with the European Commission and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. KEA also assisted in the film distribution through numerous television channels and film festivals worldwide.
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Funding programme: Commenius LLP
Lead partner: NPLD
Overall value: €392.000
‘MELT – Multilingual Early Language Transmission’ (2009-2012) was developed to promote and strengthen bilingual education of children at preschool level in regional and minority language areas.
KEA developed and wrote the winning bid.
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Funding Programme: INTERREG IV
Lead partner: Nantes Métropole
Overall value: €3.5 million
‘ECCE Innovation’ (2009) was developed with a view to increase the potential of creative entrepreneurs from across Europe.
KEA prepared a study on financing needs of cultural and creative industries and identified best practices in the field, which is available here.
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