Project Design


KEA engineers projects at artistic as well as at policy levels which connect across disciplines such as art, science, technology, business or law and connect different actors (policy makers, international organisations, businesses, academics and researchers, NGOs and civil society).

KEA supports the conception and development of valuable projects, enabling networking, collaboration and sharing of experience at international level.

KEA has considerable experience of successful project design:

  • writing project bids aimed at EU funding programmes in particular : H2020, Creative Europe, Urbact, EDF, ERDF, Interreg, ESPON)
  • supporting the inital phases of conception and development
  • building project consortia (taking into account geographical areas, types of actors, specific expertise and talents required, requirements of different funding programmes)
  • gathering project support documentation for the application and submitting the final application, experience of online submission portals and paper-based procedures.

Examples of projects include:

Check out our Portfolio to find out more.