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Communique – 11 February 2016

EU Foreign Affairs – how can cultural institutes contribute? A study for the European Parliament.

Communiqué – 18 January 2016

KEA leads the communication and public affairs strategy of ‘Sparks’

Communiqué – 14 December 2015

KEA proposes measures for a better understanding of the creative economy

Communiqué – 11 December 2015

Feasibility study proposes 2.5 million Euros for EU Film Festivals to support cultural diplomacy

Communiqué – 4 November 2015

Culture for cities and regions – second call for participation in study visits

Communiqué – 31 August 2015

KEA to develop methods supporting co-creation and the sustainable development of living labs

Press coverage – July 2015

Shenzhen Global promotional event in Milan and Brussels (Shenzhen Pioneering China’s Future at Brussels European Parliament) Article in Chinese

Communiqué – 13 May 2015

KEA to organise Shenzhen visit and exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels

Communiqué – 21 April 2015

KEA Creative Hub with a new address in Shenzhen to welcome 8 fashion designers and brands from Europe

Communiqué – 20 April 2015

KEA releases Smart Guide on Creative Spillovers

Communiqué –  9 February 2015

KEA to support China (Shenzhen) International Brand Underwear Fair’s internationalisation strategy

Communiqué – 13 January 2015

KEA selected to advise on the improvement of Culture and Creative Sectors’ Statistics in the EU

Press Release – 7 January 2015


Communiqué – 9 December 2014

10th Shenzhen Creative December launched – Shenzhen Daily interview Philippe Kern

Communiqué – 4 December 2014

KEA awarded a feasibility study to support the promotion of European films

Symposium Contribution – 30 November 2014 – “Art, culture and technology in the Urban space” Philippe Kern’s contribution to Shenzhen’s University Symposium – EnglishChinese

Open Letter – 30 November 2014

Open Letter to the President of the European Commission Mr J-C Juncker – The New Digital Age, Reshaping Europe’s Destiny

Press Release  – 14 October 2014

A design exhibition from Shenzhen China opened officially on Tuesday, 14th October 2014 at MAD in Situ in Brussels

Article –  13 October 2014

Creative spill-over supporting economic and social innovation (Issue 4) – European Policies to Generate Culture and Creative Spill-overs by Philippe Kern CEO and Found of KEA European Affairs


Joint Communiqué of the HPPD – 6 September 2014

Second meeting of the EU-China High-Level People-to-People Dialogue – EnglishChinese

Article – 5 September 2014

Creative spill-over supporting economic and social innovation (Issue 3) The new economy needs creative skills

– September 2014 by Philippe Kern, CEO and Founder of KEA European Affairs

Communiqué – 5 September 2014

KEA member of the EC Delegation, headed by Commissioner Vassiliou, attending the 2nd EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD) in Beijing, 6/9/2014

Communiqué – 22 July 2014

KEA selected to conduct Evaluation and Impact assessment for the European Commission – DG EAC

Article – 2 July 2014

Article for Urbact Creative SpIN Issue 2 – From creative cities to “la ville des possibles” – the contribution of  culture and creative industries

Communiqué – 10 June 2014

KEA key contributor to Report showing added value of culture in EU’s external relations – report published today

Communiqué – 4 June 2014

Perugia, Candidate city for ECoC 2019, seeks KEA’s advice to assess socioeconomic impacts of its cultural investment

Article – 2 June 2014

Article for Creative SpIN Urbact Issue 1 – Creative SpIN – A creative way to support economic and social innovation – by Lead Expert Philippe Kern

Communiqué – 6 May 2014

KEA’s Creative Hub in China supports the launch of a new Italian high fashion swimwear brand in Hong Kong and China

News – 25 April 2014

KEA organises launch of high fashion swimwear brand Livia Meldolesi in China (Guangzhou)

Communiqué – 8 April 2014

Culture to boost EU Diplomacy or EU External Relations to fund culture?

Communiqué – 1 April 2014

KEA wins ACP project to assist Caribbean creative entrepreneurs in doing business in Europe

Communiqué – 28 March 2014

KEA in Bologna for 4th URBACT Transnational Creative SpIN Meeting

Italian version

Communiqué – 27 March 2014

Ravenna, candidate city for the European Capital of Culture 2019, commissions KEA to advise on a culture and creative industry strategy

Italian version

Communiqué – 25 March 2014

Creativity, Industry and Economy: Europe debates in Bologna – 26-28 March 2014 – promoted by Creative SpIN, a URBACT European project aimed at the creation of a network of European cities

Communiqué – 19 March 2014

KEA to map CCIs in the Romanian city of Iasi, running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2021

Press Article – 15 March 2014 (SUPLIMENTUL DE CULTURA)

With creative industries Iasi joins the race for European Capital of Culture – Cu ajutorul industriilor creative,
Iasul se `iscrie in cursa pentru Capitale Culturale Europeane

Communiqué – 17 February 2014

New Publication – CRIDS-KEA study on Copyright Contracts

Communiqué – 7 February 2014

Designing Lille Métropole’s future culture and creative policy – KEA presents its plan of action to Métropole representatives

Communiqué – 6 February 2014

The Right Balance in Copyright Contracts – Presentation of New study at the EP, 10/2/2014 15:00 – The Study can be accessed here.

Communiqué – 7 January 2014

KEA instrumental in the winning project for a European Design Innovation Platform

Article – 5 January 2014 – Macau Business Daily

Macau must grab the chance to be a cultural centre.

Communiqué – 19 November 2013

Philippe Kern appointed member of Shenzhen internationalisation advisory committee

Shenzhen intl committee

Article – 5 November 2013 – Europolitics

Culture – Europeans showing less appetite for culture – survey

Article – 22 September 2013 – Nova24 – Sole 24 Ore

L’arte come sorgente di forza innovativa (following final session of the UNESCO Creative Cities Annual meeting in Bologna. Intervention by Valentina Montalto on  « The relation between creative sectors and traditional industries »)

Communiqué – 26 September 2013

KEA to collaborate with Hong Kong Baptist University on promoting Intellectual Property Rights & Brands Protection

Article Le Monde Sport 11/07/2013 – Faut-il interdire les transferts?

Press Communiqué- 15 April 2013

The European General Court issues its long-awaited judgement on the CISAC case

Article – 10 April 2013

China Recognizes Importance of Creative Industries – Interview with Philippe Kern – Europolitics/Europolitique English  French

Press Release – 7 March 2013

Growing opportunities for creative and cultural industries in China – KEA settles in Shenzhen. English – French – Chinese
Press kit (zip folder)

Interview of Philippe Kern on Radio France International – 8th March 2013

Press Release – 7 February 2013

Transfers of players: Towards a new regulatory framework to acquire a new legitimacy?English version – French Version

Related articles in the press on Transfers of Players – 7 February 2013

Kicker – Frankfurter Neue Presse – 26.02.2013 EU plant Fairplay Gebühr auf Transfersummen

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – EU-Empiehlt Fairplay Abgabe

Le Monde – L’Union européenne s’attaque aux tranferts indecents

The Guardian – Football transfers – European Union

La Libération – La Commission européenne veut reguler les transferts

L’équipe – Carton jaune de la Commission

Sport24 – L’Europe veut taxer les plus gros transferts

Les Echos – Bruxelles envisage d’encadrer les transferts

EU Observer – Overhaul transfer systems says Commission

Forbes – European Commission recommends greater oversight in soccer transfer market

Press Release – 28 January 2013

Goethe Institut consortium mandated by EC to conduct Preparatory Action on Culture in the EU External Relations.

Communiqué – 22 November 2012

KEA selected to advise Lille Métropole on its strategy for the cultural and creative sector

Communiqué – 23 October 2012

KEA wins, for Goethe Institut, the EC bid to advise on Culture and External Relations

Press Article -1 October 2012 (Internazionale)

Creatività e cultura, una questione da porci

Press Release- 1 October 2012

A new study, undertaken by KEA and IBBT-SMIT Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) examines transaction costs (excluding the prize of copyright licences) in relation to licensing for online music services.

Press Release- 17 September 2012

Culture for local development, jobs, cohesion and growth – Making the most of Structural Funds
The KEA study on “The use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects” will be presented in Brussels on Wednesday 19 September from 10.30 to 11.30 at the European Parliament (building Paul Henri Spaak (PHS), room 4B1).

Press Release- 29 June 2012

KEA to work with European cities on stimulating creative spillovers 
Français – Italian – Spanish – German – Chinese

Press Release- 16 May 2012

KEA to assess the cultural, economic and social impacts of “Mons – European Capital of Culture 2015″

Play the Game – 18 April 2012

Article by Soren Bang – Report recommends European cooperation against match-fixing – March 2012

Philippe Kern – Towards a Creative Europe – interview in Tartu, Estonia March 2012 Estonian – English

Corriera de la Sera – 4/3/2012

Investire in cultura per la crescita – la dittatura dell’incuria (Gian Antonio Stella)

Press Release – 15/2/2012

KiiCS (Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science) project launch 15/2/2012

Press Communiqué by KEA – January 2012

Study on the economic and legal aspects of the transfers of players

Press Communiqué by KEA – September 2011

Study on legal framework applicable to sporting fraud

El Pais- 10/9/2011

La cultura… ¿salvavidas de Europa?
Pensadores, políticos y artistas debaten en Wroclaw el presente y el futuro del continente – Zygmunt Bauman: « Lo cultural es nuestro primer recurso económico »
De Eno a Penderecki y de Wajda a Radiohead

El Pais- 24/7/2011

Las ‘otras’ SGAE
Las sociedades de derechos de autor europeas se reparten un mercado multimillonario

El Pais- 13/11/2006

La cultura deja de ser florero
Los ministros de Cultura de la Unión Europea se reúnen hoy y mañana en Bruselas en busca de una mayor potenciación del valor económico del sector cultural y creativo