Communiqué: the European Commission supporting the development of Slovakia’s cultural industries

KEA to provide strategic advice on policy reforms with a focus to attract investment KEA has been commissioned by the European Commission — Secretariat-General (Structural Reform Support Service) to assist the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic with a view to provide strategic advice on policy measures to support the development of Cultural Industries … Suite

Are you bankable as a cultural entrepreneur?

Since June 2018 KEA has been working in collaboration with Deloitte Luxembourg in developing deliverables to support banks’ capacity to invest in the Cultural and Creative Sector (CCS).  This capacity building programme is managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) with a view to support the implementation of the Creative Europe programme that makes available … Suite

La banque et le secteur des industries culturelles et créatives : une nouvelle chance ?

« If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old » – Peter Drucker English German Lisbonne. Un employé de la principale banque du pays concède n’avoir traité pour toute l’année 2018 que deux demandes de prêt du secteur des industries culturelles et créatives (ICC). Prague. Notre séminaire pour expliquer le fonctionnement de l’industrie … Suite